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We are ready to respond anywhere in the world to any high- hazard environmental incidents and emergency incidents. Specialising in oil spill clean-up, we provide prompt and effective response to oil spill  and chemical spill emergencies. With a wealth of experience and a dedicated team of specialists, we are committed to delivering a wide spectrum of oil spill response solutions focused on prevention, preparedness, and response.

Together, we clean and protect.

Emergency Oil Spill Response

Understanding the urgency of environmental incidents, we maintain Tier 1, 2 & 3 bases worldwide, accredited by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Wherever the need arises, our team is strategically positioned to provide immediate assistance, minimising environmental impact, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

With over 1,000 spills contained and remediated, SureResponse is your trusted partner in specialist cleaning for oil spill response and beyond. We bring decades of experience and a proven record in developing effective oil spill plans and delivering comprehensive industrial cleaning solutions.


Planning is crucial to ensuring efficient emergency oil spill response services.

From audits, contingency and first-line of defence planning to legislative compliance, we offer a fully coordinated set of strategic actions for environmental conservation. We conduct thorough capability reviews to assess current readiness levels and recommend enhancements to improve oil spill preparedness.

Our audits, risk assessments, and gap analyses, identify and mitigate environmental risks and prevent potential chemical spills.

Via our partnerships, we offer oil spill modelling and satellite imagery to further enhance our capabilities in preventing and responding to oil spills.

Prevention gives you oil spill security.


We ensure preparedness for unforeseen circumstances and quick response to any oil spill emergencies. Our services empower your team with legislative, response, and prevention training programmes and drilling support packages.

Right people. Right equipment. Every time.

Certified by the UK MCA and IMO, our training courses ensure your team is educated and prepared for any emergency oil spill response. Our customisable training programs are designed to meet your organisation’s specific requirements.

Continuously seeking innovation and improvements in our service offerings, we are at the forefront of developing VR and AR-based training solutions to enhance our preparedness and oil spillage response capabilities.

Our service support packages include in-country equipment provision and preventive maintenance as needed. We also offer rental of a complete equipment spread tailored to meet short-term needs, providing compliance and first-response capabilities for high-risk operations such as well testing and pipeline repairs.

Safeguarding future generations


We are committed to environmental conservation and protection. Globally, our team complies with stringent industry and legal standards to ensure the safety of all personnel involved in emergency operations.

We are simply prepared to respond. Any day. Any time.

Our specialist cleaning service is taking away your pains by developing a sustainable and trusted response capability with an international reach.

Choose SureResponse for reliable, sustainable and cost-effective solutions for your organisation’s safety and environmental protection.

Together, we can make a difference one oil spill at a time.


Strategic Expertise for Environmental Incidents

Heading SureResponse is Mark Shepherd, Chair of the UK & Ireland Oil Spill Association, boasting extensive strategic expertise in developing oil spill plans for global entities and nations. Backed by our demonstrated success, profound expertise and legislative knowledge SureResponse delivers personalised strategies for averting environmental incidents.

Apart from our emergency oil spill response expertise, we provide a suite of industrial cleaning services tailored to your requirements. Whether it’s oil clean or general specialist cleaning, our team delivers swift and meticulous solutions to maintain the seamless operation of your organisation

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