NORM Decontamination

Protecting the planet for future generations

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) is one of the largest considerations in the decommissioning phase.  At the end of asset life, wells, rigs, Christmas trees, tubulars and so much more can be NORM contaminated. Legislation demands all equipment is fully decontaminated for safe disposal or re-purpose.

Downhole equipment that has been pumping oil or mud, overtime, builds up scale internally. SEPA have granted an authorisation for our 5 acre site in Aberdeenshire to enable us to manage NORM contaminated wastes. We are capable of handling all types of NORM contaminated equipment produced by the oil and gas industry.

Sureclean have a unique advantage, whereby we can support clients globally.

Our Aberdeenshire industrial cleaning facility is equipped to facilitate equipment and tubular onsite cleaning at our premises, however we also have mobile decontamination units that are shipped across the globe wherever and whenever they are needed.

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