Innovative techniques with a clean approach.

Safety is our number one priority.

Sureclean cold cutting service offers a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cutting methods. Where traditional cutting methods generate excessive heat, our cold cut methods use specialist equipment and tools to safely and precisely cut materials whilst eliminating risk of fire.

We strongly recommend this method when working in Zone 1 & 2 areas where explosive gas atmospheres are present.

Using techniques such as high-pressure water jetting and granulated garnet to cut through materials offers safety and efficiency resulting in a quality clean cut. We achieve more than just a cut; we ensure a precise, thorough, and impeccably clean outcome that meets the most stringent standards.

Recognising that cold cutting using grit and water are not suitable for all applications and environments, Sureclean provide milling and diamond wire as alternative cold cut techniques, often using a combination of methods depending on application or to provide a flush surface.


Cold cutting reduces the risk of heat damage to the material being cut, which can lead to a longer asset lifespan. Cold cut methods allow Sureclean professionals to work in confined, difficult to reach spaces, widening the scopes where our expertise applies.

At Sureclean, safety is not just a mere consideration — it’s an ethos that guides our every move.

As the safer alternative to traditional methods, this symbolises our pledge to minimise the risk, ensuring the well-being of our team members and the integrity of the environments in which we operate.

Choose Sureclean, and you are not just embracing a cutting-edge technology; you are embracing a safer, more responsible future for industrial cutting.

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