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Any spill of hazardous materials can have detrimental environmental, economic, and social consequences, making a prompt and well-executed response essential.

We are ready to respond anywhere in the world to any high-hazard, emergency incident. Oil spill emergency response involves a coordinated set of strategic actions from trained and experienced professionals mobilised quickly and efficiently to contain, mitigate, and clean up.

Sureclean can mobilise our highly trained response team immediately, ensuring we are onsite to support you to manage any spill incident involving hydrocarbons, or hazardous materials. We provide confidence that the problem is being handled by experts doing everything possible to keep your people and the environment safe.

Preparedness and planning are essential to efficient oil spill emergency response. We have response equipment positioned strategically across the globe to ensure we are always ready to respond.

Sureclean is primed and ready to provide response packages and teams for Tier 1 – delivering specialist cleaning at local incidents through to Tier 3 – delivering global resources and onsite support.

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