Tube Bundle and Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Sureclean has an extensive inventory of specialist water jetting accessories including remotely operated automated systems for the effective and efficient cleaning of tube bundle and heat exchangers. 

Maintaining the Efficiency of Tube Bundles and Heat Exchangers 

Tube Bundles and Heat exchangers can, over time, become badly scaled dramatically reducing their efficiency. 

On a periodic basis this necessitates inspection using the Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS) technique, and to allow this the internal tubes of the bundles and heat exchangers have to be cleaned to a very high standard. The IRIS ultrasonic application is used for the inspection of a wide range of materials, including ferrous, nonferrous, and nonmetallic tubing. This technique allows detection and sizing of wall loss as the result of corrosion, erosion, wear, pitting, cracking, and baffle cuts.

In hazardous environments, descaling of both vertical and horizontal tube bundles and exchangers can be undertaken either withdrawn or in situ.

Cleaning operations are on the critical path of many plant turnarounds and our tube bundle and heat exchanger cleaning solutions can effectively remove cleaning from the critical path and offer the minimum amount of downtime. 

Investment in Quality Ensures Optimum Results 

High pressure water jetting is extensively used for economic, environmental and energy saving reasons. Our investment in high quality innovative equipment means you are ensured optimum cleaning results.

More Information

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