Offshore Drain Flow Management

Offshore drain flow management is carried out effectively and efficiently, using our extensive inventory of High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting equipment.

Turnkey Cleaning and Camera Inspection 

Our drain jetting service offers a complete solution for offshore drain cleaning. Our equipment incorporates a wide range of associated ancillary items, including intrinsically safe and explosion-proof camera inspection systems.

The complete cleaning and camera inspection package allows us to:

  • assess the internals of the drain system
  • locate blockages
  • identify and deploy ‘best' solutions
  • provide you with ‘before and after' video footage 

Isolation, Containment and Descaling

Recognising the serious implications including the health risk to people and potential losses caused by cessation of operations, we have developed the necessary safe systems of work to engineer best solution; including isolation and localising of affected area, effectively resolving most scenarios with the minimum of disruption to both people and operations.

Negating the health risk to people is paramount and accordingly to compliment our drain descaling equipment we have the appropriate vacuum systems which allow blockages and material to be removed using closed systems minimizing exposure to people and infrastructure.

More Information

For more information or an informal discussion about Offshore Drain Flow Management call Sureclean on +44 (0)1651 869349 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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