Deluge and Sprinkler System Maintenance

Carbon steel seawater deluge systems are widely used throughout the offshore oil and gas industry as an essential fire extinguishing system. Encompassing a deluge control valve, distribution pipe work and a deluge nozzle, which are primarily open sprinklers, seawater is discharged instantaneously from all heads when the deluge control valve is open upon activation of detector providing a comprehensive high volume water spray to extinguish fire, cooling of infrastructure and to facilitate emergency response, evacuation and rescue (EER) activities.

Legislation (NFPA 15 and NFPA 25) dictates that all deluge systems are tested once a year, this is completed by performing a wet test, normally using sea water, which requires the system to be activated a full flow for a period of 15 minutes in order to check the integrity, ensure coverage and the spray pattern for each nozzle.

As such, fire extinguishing seawater deluge systems on offshore locations are prone to persistent problems encountered with blockages and corrosion of nozzles and pipe work caused by the carbon steel reacting with the seawater and/or marine growth.

Maintenance, Cleaning and Testing

Using latest technology we have developed a range of specialist cleaning techniques including high pressure water retro jetting, chemical circulation and mechanical methods and safe working procedures to undertake the necessary maintenance, cleaning and testing of carbon steel seawater deluge systems ensuring that optimum performance and functionality is maintained to extinguish fire, provide critical cooling of infrastructure and safeguarding lives of personnel and catastrophic damage to assets.

On cleaning the seawater deluge system, preservation inhibitors can be applied to protect the system against corrosion prolonging its life cycle. Routine cleaning and application of preservation inhibitors should form part of a regular planned maintenance routine (PMR).


Complimentary to our maintenance, cleaning and testing service, we offer camera Inspection which can be used to visibly determine internal corrosion of pipe work and also to identify and locate blockages. Safe to operate in hazardous areas, our camera systems are suitable for using in small bore pipe work and can navigate bends, the recorded survey footage can be retained for use as part of an integrated inspection, cleaning and verification package or alternatively utilised to monitor conditions through time.

Pipework and Nozzle Replacement

Our trained team of technicians are experienced in the retrofitting of replacement pipe work and nozzles as applicable to maintain the integrity of the deluge system. In our experience sometimes it is more cost effective to replace badly corroded pipe work and nozzles thus ensuring the integrity of the system. During any replacement activities a temporary system can be deployed ensuring that 100% operational coverage is maintained at all times.

More Information

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