HP Water Jetting for Steel, Composite Materials and Concrete

The combination of harnessed high pressure water with a sharp edged abrasive is an incredibly effective which can be utilised for cold cutting, particularly effective on steel, concrete and other composite materials.

Water jet cutting using this methodology is contact-free with no significant heat generation or deformation and the diversity of the UHP jetting units allows the flow and pressure outputs to be selected to achieve maximum efficiency over a range of applications.

Safe Alternative to Hot Cutting in Hazardous Areas 

The ability to effectively control and harness the power of the water jet (coupled with no significant heat generation) makes this application a safe, effective and convenient alternative to hot cutting, providing a practical solution for completing operations adjacent to 'live' plant in potentially hazardous areas.

Zoned Specialist Equipment 

Sureclean own an extensive range of zoned specialist equipment including a comprehensive selection of manipulators, tracking and accessories, capable of efficiently cold cutting linear, circumferential and circular cuts of steel plate, pipework, bulkheads, decks curved tanks/vessels and solid composite material.

Mechanical Cutting - Milling Techniques or Diamond Wire

Recognising that cold cutting methodology using high pressure water with abrasive is not ideally suitable for all applications, Sureclean offer alternative cutting solutions using traditional milling techniques or diamond wire as the cutting media.

Cutting using this application/methodology offers a flexible, clean and efficient cutting system providing an alternative solution for the cutting of a range of materials including steel, concrete and other composites.

More Information

For more information or an informal discussion about Cold Cutting of Steel, Concrete and Composite Materials call Sureclean on +44 (0)1651 869349 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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