Decontamination of Aqueous Waste Streams and Contaminated Solids

Sureclean is committed to delivering environmental, social and economically sustainable solutions to industry. In conjunction with our network of associates we are continuously developing environmental technologies and waste management treatment solutions to support our clients.

Specialising in the efficient and environmentally robust decontamination of aqueous waste streams and contaminated solids, our current core technologies are founded upon electro-chemistry and innovative chemical solutions

Environmental and Cost Benefits - Turnkey Modular Treatment Solutions, On-site, at Source

Our clients can benefit from the elimination of costly and hazardous transportation to remote treatment/disposal facilities, with turnkey modular treatment solutions delivered on-site, at source. . This means that the technologies can be delivered within small footprints; clients can own the delivery mechanisms or we can provide the equipment and deliver the service.

Treatment capabilities cover water, solids and emulsions.

Water Treatment

99% reduction in suspended solids, the breaking of emulsified colloids and the extraction of hydrocarbons and toxic metals using electro-chemistry.

Example: Bilge Water 
Contaminents (ppm) TSS Fe Zn TPH  
Raw Influent 990 180 6.1 1,600  
Processed 90 1.1 0.032 9.5
Reduction 91% 99% 99% 99%
Example: Offshore "Black" Water
Contaminents (ppm) Total Toxic Metals TSS TPH COD  
Raw Influent 69.5125 1,470 >100,000 8,540
Processed 0.698 221 4.04 3,430
Reduction 99% 85% >99% 60%

Solids Treatment

Separating and cleaning oil/gas well drill cuttings from the fines and hazardous liquids utilising innovative chemistry.

Emulsions Treatments

The photo series below shows splitting crude oil emulsions to permit oil recovery by innovative chemistry.