Vacuum Systems for Waste Transfer - Technical Specification

The design and construction of our Vacuum Transfer Equipment allows for controlled movement of a diverse range of waste liquids, sludges and solid materials in a safe and efficient manner.

The five main components of the system are:

  • Vacuum Transfer Unit
  • Vacuum Filter Unit
  • HEPA Filter Unit
  • Vacuum Discharge Hopper
  • Vacuum Skip(s)

Vacuum Transfer Unit

Typically a self-bunded, acoustically lined, containerised, diesel driven vacuum pump with a water separator and a sludge filter. Electric and Hydraulic options are available. 

Clearly labelled external connection requirements are mounted on manifolds with the option of either crowsfoot or MacDonald air connections available to accept the supplementary air needed during operation. The vacuum pump and power unit assemblies are fully protected by a range of automatic shutdown devices.

Vacuum Filtration Unit

The filter unit is housed within a specifically designed skid frame that can allow operation at a self-supported elevated level to ensure problem free suction at all times.  The vacuum filter unit contains a bank of high temperature and chemical resistant dust filters, which are self cleaned using a pneumatic pulsation system.

HEPA Filtration Unit

The filter unit is of stainless steel construction contained within a certified lifting frame and is fitted with Interchangeable type EU13 (99.99-99.999%) High Efficency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filters.  Easily removed inspection panels on the HEPA filtration unit provides ready access to the filter magazine thus ensuring that condition monitoring and cartridge replacement are straightforward operations.

Vacuum Discharge Hopper

Pneumatically controlled and ATEX certified, during operation allows material to be transferred from the hopper to a waiting container (vacuum skip) by an air driven conveyor. Strategically placed air hammers and vibrators prevent bridging of material within the unit. During transit the auger boom folds in two and is securely stored underneath the hopper. The hopper has been designed to allow continuous media removal to take place even during changeover between vacuum skips.

Vacuum Skips

Designed to be stackable to optimise space, the skips have an inlet and outlet port with camlock connectors and a hinged, sealed lid.

More Information

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