Vacuum Systems with HEPA Filtration

Specifically designed and custom built our fleet of Vacuum Systems are fully certified for use in Zone II  hazardous areas and provides an innovative, safe and ergonomic solution to the controlled movement of a broad range of waste materials including dry powders, sand, sludge and slurries.

How it Works

Material at source is drawn through flexible anti-static and earth bonded hose assemblies and deposited in a vacuum rated waste skip. Air continues to flow from the skip to the filtration hopper where any air borne particles are retained by the filter elements. Finally, air enters the vacuum pump inlet via the sludge filter and 4-way control valve. Outlet air from the pump carries a high precipitation of water that is mostly removed in the water separator tank. Air exhausting from the separator tank passes through a vortex shedding flow metre before entering the water separator filter where any remaining moisture is removed. Exhaust air from the separator either vents to atmosphere or is filtered.

The environmental benefits of the vacuum transfer system include: 

  • Emission-compliant engines
  • Integral bunds
  • Noise suppression and enhanced atmospheric protection
  • HEPA Filtration option to remove contaminants from expelled air during transfer operations

Easily Deployed

A building block approach provides options for the correct combination of constituent parts for specific work-scopes. For easy deployment and handling, every item is individually designed to be robust and compact.

Material Dependant Productivity

Volume removal figures are very much dependant on the types of transportable material. Typical removal rates of 8–12 m3/hr are routinely achievable.

Vacuum Transfer Unit

The heart of the transfer system, it typically comprises of a liquid ring vacuum pump, diesel engine, sludge filter and high capacity water filter all housed within a self bunded, acoustically lined container. Although electrical and hydraulic option are available. Specifically configured to enable continuous transfer of material. Airflows in excess of 3550m3/hr (2200 cfm) ensure effective conveyance of viscous or heavy media over long distances and high vertical lifts, although electric and hydraulic options are also available.

Continuous Feed Discharge Hopper

The continual feed discharge hopper provides additional waste handling options. A skid unit, certified for hazardous areas, houses a 4000 litre collection tank for direct connection to the vacuum source.

Vacuum Filter

The vacuum filter is an inline component of the filtration pack that can be connected downstream from the vacuum suction head and vacuum waste containers. The filter can be used to reduce the level of dust carry over during the transport of dry materials.

HEPA Filter Unit

The High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filter pack is used where an extremely high level of cleanliness or purity is required. Particularly effective in negating potential problems which could arise from the presence of hazardous particulates or physiological problems caused by viable airborne organisms.

More Information

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