Confined Space Entry - Technical Overview and Specification

All tank and vessel entries are potentially dangerous. Whenever possible, operatives will use remote cleaning techniques.  If and when confined space entry is required, Sureclean personnel work under exact and detailed procedures, including task specific safety and escape routines using the correct breathing apparatus and atmospheric monitoring.

  • Innovative filtration process for the air purification unit converts compressed air to high quality breathing air
  • Monitors are calibrated in house to ensure operational integrity, irrespective of the conditions in which they are deployed
  • Lights, transformers and cables utilise multi-component Ex low voltage lighting system giving operational flexibility and enhanced safety
  • Three stage back up system provides consistent air supply - main air umbilical, trolley mounted cylinders and an escape set worn by the operative

Tempest Unit

A containerised breathing air system which comprises of a bottle bank airline reel system delivering positive pressure breathing air to 6 outlet connection points. The unit has a stored reserve of high pressure air with a capacity of 50 man hours of independent duration.

Gas Monitors

Portable multi-gas meters are able to monitor and display up to four gases simultaneously. These include flammable, oxygen and two toxic gases.

Air Purification Unit

Fully pneumatic desiccant type purification system used to treat compressed air and bring it up to breathing air quality in excess of the requirements stipulated in all relevant international standards. Our most popular unit is capable of supporting up to three operators simultaneously.  For deployment of larger teams, other models are available.

Air Purity Analyser

Battery powered, portable, breathing air purity tester. Accurately checks for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oil (synthetic or mineral), water (cylinder or airline) and temperature (airline and ambient).

Breathing Air Trolley Set

Portable airline system that can supply medium pressure breathable quality air to two sets of breathing apparatus. Trolley based system with 2 or 4 cylinder frame, pneumatics, 60m hose reel complete with adaptor to accommodate external medium pressure breathable air supply.

Escape Set

Compressed airline, positive pressure breathing apparatus with integral air cylinder. The apparatus comprises a full face mask, a demand valve and a pig-tale with CEN connector for attaching to the supply airline. Also incorporates a harness held ‘back-up’ cylinder which can be used in the event of an emergency evacuation. Various options are available selected based on job specific risk assessment.

Explosion Proof (Ex) Lighting

Specialist low voltage (24v) Ex area lighting is deployed to enhance safety and operational efficiency. The package includes flood lighting, stick lights and powerful hand held lamps.

More Information

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