Industrial Coating Applications, Corrosion Protection and Preservation

Sureclean has the equipment, the experienced operatives and the techniques to apply conventional or specialist coatings in accordance with manufacturers and client specifications.

Having prepared the surface using one of our applications, Sureclean can apply the required coating to provide an effective barrier to combat corrosion, significantly increasing the life of the asset and reducing the required time on planned maintenance projects.

Capabilities extend to the application of a range of high tech coatings and composites such as:

  • Industrial Epoxies, Alkyds and Urethanes
  • Non-Slip Helideck and Deck Coatings, Screeds and Tiles
  • Tank and Vessel Linings including Glassflakes
  • Anti fouling Coatings

Turnkey Painting Programmes

We have an extensive range of painting equipment and accessories which allows us to deliver turnkey painting programmes for our clients as they combat corrosion and maintain their assets integrity.

More Information

For more information or an informal discussion about Industrial Painting and Industrial Coating Application, Protection and Preservation services, call Sureclean on +44 (0)1651 869349 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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