HVAC/Duct Survey, Camera Inspection and Cleaning Service

Sureclean have the latest technology, procedures and the appropriately trained and experienced personnel to undertake the inspection and cleaning of HVAC/Duct systems providing you with the re-assurance that your HVAC/Duct system is clean and operating efficiently.

Surveying and Camera Inspection

Using the Sureclean Mini Digital Colour Camera system our trained technicians can undertake comprehensive recordings of the condition of the HVAC/Duct system to determine the standard of cleanliness and identify any visible defects, establishing the requirement for maintenance.

A detailed survey/inspection report will be compiled both pre and post clean, producing still photographs and video footage which are cross referenced to the applicable locations of the HVAC/Duct system and drawings (where applicable).


Following a site visit or alternatively from design drawings a project-specific method statement will be provided, with cleaning undertaken using the Sureclean Cobra Ductclean System in tandem with a Negative Pressure Unit (NPU) with HEPA filter. Where practical a pre and post inspection of the HVAC/Duct system will be undertaken providing colour accurate imagery for your records. Stills from this footage will be included within a post-remedial report.

Planned Maintenance Routine (PMR)

We assist our clients with the establishment of planned HVAC maintenance routines (PMR's) and provide assistance to other specialist contractors for the undertaking of remedial repairs. 

More Information

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