HVAC/Duct Survey, Camera Inspection and Cleaning - Equipment Overview

Our purpose built equipment is fully compliant with HSE legislation.  The Sureclean Cobra Ductclean System is used inconjunction with a Ductvac Extraction Unit. Once the contaminants have been disturbed with either option the Ductvac ensures the contaminants remain airborne and transports them out of the duct. There are various options available which create the required amount of negative pressure relative to the Duct size.  

State of the Art Technology Leads the Way

This technology-led system offers our clients a full and comprehensive programme for inspection, cleaning and maintenance of ventilation systems, ducts, air handling and air volume systems, extraction units, fans and fire dampener’s.

The Sureclean Cobra Ductclean System

This compressed air tool drives itself through the duct system, utilising backward facing nozzles on a forward outward driven jet, leading to contamination on the internal wall surfaces of the duct walls being cut loose by the force of the air jet. The system incorporates a complimentary cleaning tool which has  a range of various sized brush heads, driven via motor driven cables, against the internal wall surfaces of the ducts, giving maximum loosening of any contamination for removal.

The Sureclean Mini Digital Colour Camera System

This camera system allows the inspection of ventilation systems to gauge cleaning requirements. Once the ducting has been treated, the camera system can be used as “proof of clean” if required. 

More Information

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