Camera Inspection - CCTV Surveys

To complement our range of services, we provide a camera inspection service (CCTV Surveys). Using the latest generation equipment we ensure clients are provided with the most advanced technology available for inspection and maintenance work.

Fully Recorded Condition Reports

Through CCTV surveys, clients receive condition reports showing clear and accurate imagery of pipework and drains.  Based on the findings of a survey, the most appropriate course of action can be deployed. Typically this will involve cleaning of the system employing one or more of the Sureclean water jetting techniques.

Integrated Inspection, Cleaning and Verification Service

Safe to operate in hazardous areas, the recorded survey footage can be retained for use as part of an integrated inspection, cleaning and verification package or alternatively utilised to monitor conditions through time. Download the full camera inspections document.

High Definition Images

Encompassing the latest generation equipment, our HD cameras provide clear video footage using a 2MP imager (1080i resolution) with zoom up to 120x.  Our HD cameras have built-in high intensity LED lights to provide precise imagery, provided to our clients by USB or DVD.


Submersible Camera Systems

Sureclean owns a range of submersible camera systems (rated up to 300m water depth) to enable internal riser and caisson monitoring or post clean inspections.


Tractor Units

Using our crawler tractor units, our cameras can be easily operated using familiar joy-stick controls to navigare inclined pipework with 45 and 90 angles or complicated 'S' bends.  Cameras can undertake inspection runs of up to 300m with magnetic crawler systems available for use on ferrous surfaces.

Ex rated Systems for use in Hazardous Areas 

Our capabilities extend to the provision of explosion proof (Ex) pan and tilt colour camera, light heads, tractor units, control units and other specialist accessories designed to operate across a diverse range of pipework, from less than 25mm diameter through to 600mm and above. Utilising the tractor unit, inspection runs of up to 300m from a given point of entry can be achieved (subject to pipework configuration).

In addition to our Ex rated systems traditionally used for pipe work inspection Sureclean have a range of camera and borescope systems to complement our Ventilation Duct Survey and Inspection and Asbestos Management Services, allowing you to view previously inaccessible areas without mechanical intervention.

More information 

For more information or an informal discussion about  how our Camera Inspection Services can help your business, call Sureclean on +44 (0)1651 869349 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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