Asbestos Management - Technical Overview and Specification

Sureclean offer technically sound and quality-driven Asbestos Management services safely and efficiently using the most up to date and advanced methods available.

Smoke Generators

Powerful hand-held smoke machines are used to prove the integrity of enclosures prior to commencing asbestos removal activities. Proprietary chemicals held within a canister react when heated to emit a form of smoke that is non-toxic and non-hazardous.

Negative Pressure Units (NPUs)

NPUs are used within an enclosure to extract air in a controlled manner under negative pressure and prevent release of hazardous fumes, dust or fibres to adjacent areas. Extracted air passes through an integral HEPA filter to remove contaminants with 99.997% efficiency. 

Power Assisted Respirators

A high degree of protection against dusts and fibres is provided through use of power-assisted respirators. Each respirator comprises a full facemask with an integral blower, filter and battery.

Face Fit Tester

Prior to mobilisation a Face Fit Test is completed for each operative to ensure that their respirator mask is a good fit and as such provides the specified level of protection. 

Hazardous Dust Vacuum Cleaners (Type H)

Type H cleaners collect hazardous non-explodable dusts such as asbestos and heavy metals. Vacuums are fitted with HEPA filters and are designed to achieve a maximum penetration of 0.003% at the maximum airflow. 

Wet Strip Injection Systems

Wet Strip Injection Systems enable thorough wetting of asbestos materials prior to stripping for effective reduction of dust levels. 

Decontamination Units

Personnel decontamination units come in self-contained mobile and self-contained modular formats. Design and construction complies fully with HSE Guidance. Specifically designed for personal decontamination and storage of protective equipment, units comprise three separate compartments - a clean area, a shower area and a so-called ‘dirty area’.  

More Information

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