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Sureclean / RGU Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Sureclean has teamed up with Robert Gordon University (RGU) through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to develop our waste treatment solutions and address a significant industry challenge - the processing of high chloride, oily waste.

Shoja Shokofan has been seconded to Sureclean as a KTP Associate and will be working with the team, and his knowledgebase supervisor at RGU throughout this project.  Within Sureclean he has taken up the role of Development Engineer and is based at 10 River Drive, Alness.

Shoja will be working with Sureclean on this project for two years with his primary study to develop a tailored mobile treatment package for processing high chloride, oily waste.  Currently, treatment of this type of waste, in order to meet discharge consents, is a significant challenge to the industry with waste often accumulated and stored for long periods of time as local treatment opportunities are not available. 

This is the fifth waste treatment project Sureclean has undertaken in association with RGU.  Previous projects have enabled KTP Associates to undertake meaningful studies whilst gaining invaluable, practical industrial experience and providing focused academic input to our R&D projects.

Sureclean has a range of treatment solutions but we currently do not have one which addresses the problem of remediating high chloride oily waste water streams.  At present this waste has to be transferred to third parties for treatment which is often very costly and environmentally inefficient.

Shoja will firstly work on a R&D small scale trial before developing the treatment system into a full field model.  The objective is to design a system which can be deployed close to the contaminating operational activity; this will enhance operations and significantly reduce storage and transfer costs.

After the first year of the project, a second KTP Associate will also be employed for another two years after one year to work with Shoja on the chemical treatment aspect of the project.

This new treatment technology will complement our other treatment solutions and allow us to extend our waste management capabilities.