FPSO Services

Sureclean is a dynamic contractor providing our portfolio of FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) maintenance services globally.  Utilising our ‘brain over brawn’ philosophy, Sureclean specialises in remotely operated technologies to provide our routine FPSO maintenance services, mitigating the risk of failure and increasing productivity of your operations. 

Complementing our fleet of high pressure (HP) and ultra high pressure (UHP) jetting equipment, we own an extensive inventory of specialist vacuum and pumping technology which is suited to the challenging requirements of removing aqueous waste, heavy sludges, sands and similar materials from tanks within the FPSO's ballast and oil storage systems.

In addition to ongoing routine checks, as part of a risk-based inspection cycle (nominally around every 5 years), operators undertake integrity checks of the ballast system (tanks, pipework) and the oil storage system (pipework, controls, cargo and slops tanks) in order to monitor wall thickness, and workability of valves and pipe work.  This necessitates removal of tank contents followed by deep cleaning to facilitate inspection, generally using rope access.  Sureclean has developed a range of technologies and methods using tank cleaning heads, vacuum transfer systems and other pumping solutions to clean tanks and vessels either remotely or with minimum man entry.

Engineering the Safe Movement of Waste Materials

Using Vacuum transfer and pumping technology (it is not uncommon to use a combination of both), Sureclean are experienced in engineering safe and ergonomic solutions for the controlled movement of a broad range of waste materials including:

  • Liquids
  • Sludge's, Sands, Muds and Cuttings of varying viscosity and weights up to specific gravity (SG) of 3
  • Powders, Barites and Cement

 Sureclean have a proven capability of moving and transferring a range of media at a rate of 12m3 p/h and airflows of up to 9400m3 p/h up to 60 metres vertical, and over horizontal distances up to 100 metres.

Tank Cleaning

Sureclean is a technology-led, problem solving company that can safely and efficiently execute tank and vessel cleaning within FPSO ballast, oil storage and process systems. Our trained and skilled workforce have extensive experience working on FPSO’s in all aspects of confined space entry / vessel & tank cleaning and associated safe working practices.

Hydrocarbon Separation and Recovery

Sureclean have developed an effective process for hydrocarbon separation and recovery using separator, scrubber, heat exchanger and centrifuge technology together with chemical agents. Recovered oils are transferrable to the client’s process system and the treatment solution cleaned for re-use.

On-Location Modular Waste Treatment Solutions

Further to our hydro-carbon recovery process, Sureclean have developed a range of environmentally sustainable treatment solutions centred around produced water treatment, sand washing and tri-phase separation solutions, all of which are modular allowing treatment to undertaken on-location.

By treating waste on location this enables a reduction in the level of effluent pollutants which need to be discharged, Sureclean is helping clients ensure they achieve and even surpass legislative requirements, while enhancing performance and maximising productivity.

Caisson Inspection and Maintenance

Sureclean provides the necessary resources to undertake caisson cleaning (internal and external) and associated inspections. External cleaning of caissons, mooring turrits and umbilicals, typically for the removal of marine growth, can be effectively achieved by using specialist water jetting techniques.

Hull, Deck Structures and Walkways

Our comprehensive fabric maintenance service provides optimum FPSO integrity solutions and allows specific methodologies to be defined for our Clients.  

The preferred solution is UHP jetting techniques as this has minimal impact on the surrounding workplace and enables the surface profile to be returned to the existing standard or allows further preparation to SA or WB profiles.  Sureclean has a range of specialist jetting accessories such as the remotely operated mantaray system, Sureclean can provide on-location integrity and fabric maintenance upgrades to the hull, deck structures and walkways.

Tank Coatings

Sureclean also has the equipment, the experienced operatives and the techniques to apply conventional or specialist protective internal tank linings in accordance with manufacturers' and client specifications.

More Information

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