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Research and Development at Sureclean

Sureclean as one of the foremost specialist industrial cleaning and environmental waste management companies in Scotland, continue to expand our service capabilities through a programmed investment in research and development.

Adopting a ‘brain over brawn’ philosophy we are committed to the engineering of solutions and the development of methodologies to provide our clients with a safe, efficient and cost effective service.

Water Jetting Technology

The development of in-house self-design has allowed us to incorporate some significant improvements and features to our fleet of Jetting Units as compared with off-the-shelf models.  For example the pumps can be converted from 1000 up to 2750 bar using a simple conversion kit  thus providing maximum versatility of the equipment. All units are acoustically lined for noise reduction, self bunded and come complete with internal work bench and maintenance spares.

Vacuum Transfer and Pumping Solutions

Practical evidence of our ‘brain over brawn’ philosophy is our investment in the development of vacuum transfer systems which have been designed and built for the contained air transfer of materials. Adopting the principals of best technology from other industries our vacuum and pumping systems have been developed to maximize performance and for use in hazardous environments.

Vacuum Discharge Hopper

Designed for continuous feed the discharge hopper maximises effciency, eliminating the requirement to stop pumping operations each time a waste container is full.

HEPA Filtration

To complement our vacuum systems we have developed and constructed a complimentary HEPA filtration unit which is of stainless steel construction contained within a certified lifting frame and is fitted with Interchangeable type EU13 (99.99-99.999%) High Efficency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filters. 

Bespoke Engineering

We can design and manufacture specialist tools and equipment to suit individual client requirements, one such occasion was the development of a specialist containment cowlings to achieve zero discharge whilst safely completing a cold cutting related project in relation to the BP Thunderhorse PLET re-connect project in the Gulf of Mexico. This entailed the design and six months of testing in the Heerema Yard in Vlissigen, Netherlands to perfect the optimum solution for the client.

Waste Treatment

New waste treatment technologies and methodologies to minimise environmental impacts and reduce costs. Our aim is to provide clients with a total treatment package which processes varying quantity mixes of both solid and liquid waste across a range of treatment levels. At the same time we look to provide substantial and measurable improvements and more environmentally friendly disposal processes. In addition to this we are actively developing, modifying and introducing new pump units, jetting systems and innovative new products.

New Technologies

Sureclean are committed to the development of modular treatment solutions which will enable the processing of waste onsite, such as Sureclean Advanced Water Treatment System (SAWTS), Sureclean Inclined Plate Separator (SIPC), Sureclean Water Recovery and Filtration Unit (SWRFU), Sureclean Oil Skimmer Unit (SOSU), Sureclean Sludge Separation System (SSSS)

Collaborative Research

In our quest to further enhance our waste treatment capabilities are involved in various initiatives through a network of like minded organisations and university “spin-out” companies combining business and academic/research skills and expertise in the collaborative development of innovative business processes.

KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnerships)

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP), a collaboration with universities, is Europe's leading programme helping businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills that reside within the UK knowledge base. Sureclean have a long running association with the programme working with KTP associates who help us to develop our new systems and technologies.

More Information about Sureclean's R&D Programmes

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