Case Study: Didcot A Power Station - Removal of Epoxy Resin from Condensor Tubes

Location: Didcot, Oxfordshire

Operator: RWE Npower

Removal of epoxy resin from the internals of 1" condenser tubes to allow IRIS inspection by use of Ultra High Pressure water jetting technology.

    Sureclean Scope

    Provide manpower and UHP water jettting equipment to remove an expoxy resin from the internals of 1" condenser tubes, housed within a tube bundle configuration, to allow IRIS inspection.

    Technical Challenge

    Previous cleaning techniques including chemical cleaning has proven to be ineffective. The resin lining was internally located 6" form the end of each tube which added to the difficulty factor. A safe and effective system of work was implemented by removing each bundle from the main system and locating it within a designated washbay to provide access from both ends. Each condenser tube was cleaned individually utilising semi-automated lancing system at pressures of 2000 bar.    

    Restrictions / Considerations

    • Handling / manouvering of the tube bundles.
    • Hazardous Environment - Confined Space Entry Working, access and egress.
    • Standard of cleanliness required for IRIS inspection
    • Waste containment and transfer.
    • Critical Path Project.
    • Integrated working plan to account for other actvities in the area.

    Key Facts

    • Project completed without safety or environmental incident.
    • Project completed on schedule and on budget.
    • Involved 5 Sureclean personnel, dayshift working.

    Additional Information

    In addition to completing the cleaning and camera inspection / survey work scope, Sureclean personnel also assisted with RWE Npower in the re-commissioning of the system.