Case Study: CCTV Camera Survey And Drain Cleaning

Location: Safe Caledonia Flotel

Client: Prosafe

Prosafe were experiencing problems with the Blackwater sewage system on a 550 bed flotel operation in the North Sea, the Safe Caledonia.


Sureclean Ltd were approached by Prosafe to audit the situation and offer a solution to the problem which would be compliant to the sites stringent Health and Safety policies, effective in the significant time restraints, whilst taking into account  the sewage system had to remain live as the flotel was fully manned, maintaining operations.

The Solution

Once a solution had been recommended Sureclean were contracted to inspect the system using one of their CCTV camera systems, the intrinsically safe P347 system, and the outcome being a clear indication of the internal bore of the pipe work being vastly reduced due to the build up of hard scale. This build up reduced the flow capacity and increased the frequency of blockage which ultimately inconvenienced the guests.

prosafe_drain_project_3.jpgUtilising purposely manufactured, remote, high pressure water jetting nozzles with a containerised, diesel driven pump unit, at pressures up to 10,000 psi, in conjunction with the experience of the Sureclean Operatives and the Sureclean Safe Operating Procedures, the pipelines were cleared by the total removal of all scale build up within the pipe work. This removal was identified by the subsequent free flowing movement of waste through the drains and verified by a further CCTV camera survey on completion of the cleaning phase.

By the occurrence of fundamentally important tool-box-talks between the two parties concerned, and the instigation of this cleaning method and dedicated procedures, Prosafe continued to provide a high level of accommodation to its client during the drain cleaning operations.

Prosafe have concluded that although working on a live sewage system while the flotel was fully manned, this environmentally sensitive work scope was carried out on time, within legislation and within budget with little or no inconvenience to their guests.