Case Study: Project Design and Management Services

Location: Tiffany Platform

Removal of Corroless and Barite Powder from 3 x Silos onboard the Tiffany Platform

Sureclean Scope

Provide manpower and equipment for the removal of 90 Tonnes of Bulk waste from 1 x Silo by means of vacuum transfer onboard the Tiffany Platform to allow fabrication works to commence.

Technical Challenge

Sureclean were to devise a method for the complete removal of all wastes from Silos onboard the Tiffany Platform with zero man entry.

Tank Specifications:

The Silos are positioned on the East Side of the Tiffany Platform. There are 3 in total however only North 1 and South Silo contain waste cement to be removed.

Each silo has total capacity of approx. 40m³.

Total Contents

  • North 1 – 28.5m³
  • South 3 – 19m³

Total of approximately 150 Tonnes of Waste powder to be removed, containing a mixture of the following materials:

1. Barite Powder - Specific Gravity of 4.2
2. Corroless CCI Powder (Cyclohexylamine Benzoate) - Specific Gravity of 1.0


  • Zero Man Entry
  • Crumpling of Silos from Vacuum Operations
  • Silo Purging system non-operational requiring Sureclean to Manufacture new system
  • Over Pressurisation of Silos from Air Purging Operations
  • Environmental - zero waste discharge
  • Limited Deck Space/ Cargo Boat Schedule.
  • Rolling Programme required for mobilisation of Vacuum Skips


1 x 20” Manway on the East-Side of each Silo, located on the coned section at a 45° Angle. This is elevated approximately 2m from the deck and therefore required a load bearing scaffold access platform to be erected. Specialist Extension Suction Nozzles were manufactured to allow Sureclean Operatives to remove any powder residues left in the silos without requiring man entry.

Additional Information

The initial scope of works was to remove 90 Tonnes of waste from the North 1 Silo within a 2 week period. However, after considerable progress was made Sureclean were requested to commence cleaning operations to the remaining 2 silos within a 3 week duration. This was achieved and a total of 160 Tonnes of waste was successfully removed, with zero man entry.