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Case Study: Exxon Mobil Beryl Alpha – Mini Cell Inspection

Location: UK Sector – North Sea

Client: Exxon Mobil

Dewatering and cleaning of mini-cell to perform an extensive non destructive testing of all seawater-handling pipe work in the shaft to establish its condition and effect repairs as necessary.

Sureclean Scope

CAN Offshore was contracted to undertake the required inspection adopting roped access techniques. CAN Offshore subcontracted to Sureclean for the supply of required pumping and cleaning equipment, breathing apparatus and experienced service technicians to provide the necessary complimentary support to their roped access technicians throughout the duration of the project.

Technical Challenge

  • Identifying and creating suitable access points to allow for enhanced inspection and cleaning operations.
  • Confined Space Working.
  • Locating and routing of the breathing equipment and airlines, ensuring practical and safe use. 
  • Use of remote cleaning heads
  • Completing works using breathing apparatus.
  • Communications. 

Restrictions & Considerations

  • Hazardous Environment - Confined Space Entry Working, access and egress.
  • Planned servicing of equipment to ensure minimal downtime on a critical path project.

Key Achievements

  • Project completed over 18 months without a significant safety or environmental incident.
  • Project experienced significant growth due to the inspection findings.
  • Sureclean service technicians had to demonstrate both flexibility and consideration to other parties, ensuring minimum disruption.
  • Critical path elements completed within designated timescale.
  • Commendations received from the client. 

    Additional Information

    In-depth project planning involving all parties  and the ability to work seamlessly as one was a major contributory factor to the success of the project .