Case Study: Tank Cleaning on Drilling Rig

Location: The Pride of Venezuela Drilling Rig

Client: Pride International

Supply of 5 man team and applicable plant and equipment for duration of 5 days to clean-out the cement and barite silos, whilst Rig was berthed in the Cromarty Firth and subsequent extended workscope whilst the rig was on tow to Venezuela.


Limited and identified as critical path works as part of an inspection programme, Sureclean utilised Vacuum Transfer Equipment and Specialist Water Jetting Technology (UHP 3D Cleaning Heads) to achieve works safely within timeframe and budget.

Extended Scope of Work 1

Additional scope of work was subsequently awarded:

Pontoon Storage Tanks – Empty and Clean-out

Ballast Tanks – Empty and Clean-out

Pump Room and Bilges – Clean

Anchor Winches – Clean utilising HP Water Jetting

Underside of the Rotary Table on the Drill Floor – Clean utilising HP Water Jetting

Ventilation Ducts – Inspect and Clean-out

Accommodation Areas – Deep Clean

Accommodation Areas – Remove and replace lagging in the double bottom

Wind Walls (Drill Floor) – Remove and replace

Mud Pits – Clean, Blast and re-coat

Subsea Frames – Clean, Blast and re-coat

Rig Topsides (Complete) – Mechanical Surface Preparation and Paint

Waste Management – Removal and disposal of produced waste.

Extended Scope of Work 2

Supply of 18 man team and applicable plant and equipment for a duration of 7 weeks to complete mechanical surface preparation and painting of Rig Topsides whilst Rig was on tow to Venezuela.

Key Achievements

  1. Same day mobilisation for initial scope of work.
  2. Ability to project manage, resource and mobilise at short notice, workforce increased from initial 5 man team peaking at a workforce of 76, the majority of whom were multi-skilled.
  3. Project duration was 12 weeks.
  4. Project completed successfully without safety or environmental incident.
  5. Project completed successfully within timeline, all approved and signed off by client.
  6. Use of Vacuum Transfer Equipment to achieve optimum performance.


Multi disciplined / Skilled Team to conduct all aspects of the project.

All Plant and Equipment supplied for the project owned by Sureclean.

Cost savings associated with utilisation of the Vacuum Transfer Equipment and Specialist Jetting Applications (Cleaning Heads).

Flexibility and adaptability of Sureclean Personnel through-out the project.