Case Study: Transocean 714 Drilling Rig

Location: Nigg Energy Park, Nigg, Ross-shire

Client: Global Energy Services

During a scheduled shipyard visit we were contracted by Global Energy Services to supply Emergency Response Teams (ERT) / Equipment, Tank Sentries and a Tank Co-ordinator for the Sedco 714.

Sureclean Scope

Confined Space Management 24/7 for the duration of the 714 project.

  • Provision of a primary and secondary ERT team consisting of 3 men per rescue team available on board the Sedco 714 at all times during dayshift and nightshift
  • Provision of 3 x ERT Equipment containers, one located on each pontoon, and one on the main deck, each containing: BA Trolley, BA Lines, Air Cylinders, Air Purification Unit and Analyser, Elsa Sets, 15 Minute Escape Sets, Rescue Winch and Tripod, Retractable Inertia Reel, Safety Torch, Single Point Body Harness, First Aid Kit, Rescue Stretcher and Mars Resuscitator
  • Provision of a Tank Co-ordinator dayshift and nightshift, the tank co-ordinator was stationed within the permit office and had overall control of all confined space permits and tank entries as well as attending daily permit meetings.  Their role was to direct the ERT teams to areas of concern while maintaining radio communication with the ERT teams during the evacuation of personnel from any confined space, should it occur
  • Provision of tank sentries to ensure that all personnel entering and exiting the confined space was recorded and also maintaining radio contact with the tank co-ordinator stating numbers within each confined space

Technical Challenge 

Global Energy's permits system allows for permits to be valid for 7 days. Good as their permit system is, because of this duration this meant that supervisors from all contractors could take out numerous permits even though they may not be working in that area on that shift.

At the permit meetings it was discussed and briefed to all supervisors that they may have numerous live permits however they should only sign out the ones they require for that shift thus leaving remaining live permits on hold in the permit office.

With the Tank Co-ordinator being stationed within the permit office it meant that greater management of the confined spaces could be achieved as he was signing in and out all confined space permits building rapport with the supervisors and relaying all relevant information to the ERT teams, tank sentries and the project team.

     ert1     ert2

Restrictions / Considerations

  • All Sureclean personnel briefed on the confined space rescue plan
  • Hazardous environment – confined space entry works taking into account access and egress
  • Conflicting activities, overhead scaffolding works
  • Ensuring that suitable boxing rings with crash protection were established and maintained around pontoon tank hatches
  • The use of UHF 2 Way Radios for communication between the Sureclean Tank Sentries and ERT Leaders
  • Radio communication between the standby man, ERT leader, Permit office and control room

Key Facts

  • Carried out 'dummy' drills with Global Energy and Transocean showing Sureclean's high standard and professionalism towards safety
  • Commendations received from the client, with prospects of carrying out the same work scope on future projects

Additional Information

Sureclean’s ethos of providing trained ‘multi-disciplined’ personnel provided a timely and cost effective solution which allowed the client to optimise the work being carried out.

Ensuring an excellent client relationship and high level of project management involvement guaranteed that all works were to a high standard with client requirements met and expectations exceeded

The ability to work closely with our main Support Service Base allowed Sureclean to provide a wealth of additional equipment as and when required.

The integrated approach of working together adopted by all contractors involved in the project contributed to its overall success, and any matters arising were raised and resolved at daily 4 O’clock meeting.