Case Study: Transocean Arctic Drilling Rig

Location: Hanøytangen Yard, Bergen, Norway

Operator: Transocean AS

During a scheduled shipyard visit Sureclean were contracted to remove all water, residues and clean all Ballast tanks onboard to allow inspection.

Sureclean Scope

Primary scope of work was to provide the necessary manpower and equipment for the removal of all residues, and cleaning of all tanks onboard the Rig to allow inspection and remedial repairs to be carried out. Scope of works were extended to include:

  • Removal of all water, residues and cleaning of all ballast tanks using Wilden pumps and 2” Hardwall hoses
  • Mechanical Surface Preparation and Painting of Mud Pit Room
  • Removal of Licensed Asbestos Containing Materials from Lifeboat Davits, Sauna and Gymnasium
  • Removal of all waste and cleaning of all residues from Mud and Shaker Pits using hot wash unit and vacuum transfer
  • Hot Pressure washing and cleaning of all walkways and staircases on main deck
  • Removal and cleaning of all oil waste and residues from various bunds and bilges onboard using either Wilden pumps and/or vacuum transfer system

Technical Challenges

  • Logistics associated with resourcing, planning and managing project growth, within a critical path
  • Rig Pontoons did not have pontoon access hatches, which meant that all ballast tanks had to be pumped into central holding tanks whilst access hatches were cut into the pontoons
  • Equipment and consumable resources were required to be mobilised across International waters within a critical timeline


  • Timeline - Critical Path Project
  • Project Management, resourcing, planning and scheduling
  • Conflicting activities
  • Hazardous Environment - Confined Space Entry Working, access and egress
  • Hazardous Waste – Removal of Chemicals Hazardous to Health
  • Waste containment and vacuum transfer – Waste disposed of via client incumbent waste contractor
  • Licensed Asbestos Removal under Norwegian Laws and Regulations
  • HAVS monitoring – Mechanical Surface preparation
  • Specialised Coating Application – Recording environmental conditions in line with manufacturer recommendations

Key Achievements

  • All work scopes completed without safety or environmental incident
  • All work scopes completed on time over a 10 week period during the Shipyard stay
  • Commendations received from the client

Additional Information

Sureclean’s ethos of having and providing trained ‘multi-disciplined’ personnel provided a timely and cost effective solution allowing the client to optimise work completed. It involved up to 12 Sureclean personnel, dayshift working.

The integrated approach of working together adopted by all contractors involved in the project contributed to its overall success.