Case Study: Ocean Princess Drilling Rig

Location: Cromarty Firth, Invergordon (UK)


Following on from the successful completion of the SPS survey and refurbishment project onboard the Ocean Nomad, Sureclean was commissioned by Diamond Offshore Drilling to undertake a similar workscope onboard the Ocean Princess during its scheduled ship yard visit.

Sureclean Scope

Our Primary scope of work was to provide the necessary manpower and equipment for the removal of all residues and cleaning of all tanks onboard the Rig to allow inspection and remedial repairs to be carried out. Scopes of works were extended to include:

  • Removal of all residues and cleaning of all tanks
  • Cleaning of Chain Lockers
  • Surveying, Camera Inspection and cleaning of all drains systems including overboard pipe
  • Surveying, Camera Inspection, HP cleaning and application of wax coating to internals of APV’s
  • Surface Preparation and Painting of BOP stack, APV's, Lifeboat Davits, and various new steelworks installed throughout the rig
  • High Pressure Water Jetting of Sounding Tubes
  • Removal of residues and Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting of the Mud Pits
  • Surveying, Camera Inspection and cleaning of the HVAC/Duct systems
  • Surface preparation using Ultra High Pressure Water and painting of column internals
  • Surface preparation using Ultra High Pressure Water Mantaray with Vacuum recovery system and application of new coatings to accommodation roof located under helideck
  • Surface preparation and painting of Drilling Equipment at our painting facility in Alness
  • Supply of Waste Disposal Services
  • Supply of personnel to assist Barge Engineer
  • Equipment Hire, namely Rig Safe Compressors (750 and 300CFM), Rig Safe 15KVA Generators, Portable Tower Lights, Tank/Vessel Entry Equipment

Technical Challenges

Logistics associated with resourcing, planning and managing project growth, within a critical path. Manning profile swiftly grew from an original plan of 10 personnel to 78 personnel for the duration of the principal project.


  • Timeline - Critical Path Project
  • Project Management, resourcing, planning and scheduling
  • Conflicting activities
  • Hazardous Environment - Confined Space Entry Working, access and egress
  • Waste containment and transfer
  • Responding to clients needs, often at short notice
  • Application of Specilised Coatings

Key Achievements

  • 62 Day Project completed without safety or environmental incident
  • In excess of 56,000 continuous man hours worked without incident
  • Project completed on time
  • Project scope of work extended
  • Commendations received from the client

Additional Information

Sureclean’s ethos of not only having and providing trained ‘multi-disciplined’ personnel but also the fact that we are a self sufficient company. We own and maintain all of the necessary equipment required to undertake projects of this nature which in turn enables us to respond to the clients need, often at short notice.