Case Study: Prosafe Safe Scandinavia HVAC/Duct Cleaning

Location: Cromarty Firth

Operator: Prosafe

During a planned shipyard maintenance visit, Prosafe contracted Sureclean to provide HVAC/Duct Cleaning services.

Sureclean Scope

The scope of work encompassed the camera inspection and cleaning of the Galley HVAC extract and duct system and also the camera inspection and cleaning of all five levels of the accommodation block.

Technical Challenge

Identifying and creating suitable access points to allow for enhanced inspection and cleaning operations.

Restrictions / Considerations

Logistics surrounding access to the accommodation and the galley which were in use throughout the project, ensuring that downtime and disruption were kept to a minimum. 

    Key Facts

    • Project completed without safety or environmental incident.
    • Project completed on time and on budget.
    • Sureclean cleaning technicians had to demonstrate both flexibility and consideration to other parties, ensuring minimum disruption.
    • Critical path elements completed within designated timescale.
    • Commendations received from the client.

      Additional Information

      Sureclean also provided tank / vessel cleaning, drain cleaning and waste management services in support of the project.

      Similar Projects

      Sureclean have safely and successfully provided similar services on 4 other Offshore Drilling Rigs during 2009.