Case Study: BP Ravenspurn North - Chemical Cleaning of Intercooler

Location: Southern North Sea

Client: BP

BP was experiencing an operational performance issue with Intercooler ‘B’ onboard the Ravenspurn North Gas Platform and approached Sureclean to identify an appropriate cleaning solution. There was reduced flow through the cooling water side of the intercooler. Sureclean supplied team equipment and chemicals to clean the intercooler during the Ravenspurn North shutdown.

Sureclean Scope

The scope of work encompassed the chemical cleaning of the Intercooler B by means of circulating a recipe chemical solution with the objective of dissolving the sea life which was restricting the flow.  In tandem with MI Swaco an appropriate and effective solution was proposed and an integrated Sureclean / MI Swaco team jointly undertook the critical path project. Sureclean provided the manpower, equipment, chemicals and procedures.

Technical Challenge

Chemically cleaning the Intercooler essentially insitu and ensuring that the chemicals were circulated at the required flow rate to maximise cleaning performance. This required regular testing and topping up of the chemical to ensure its strength was sufficient to break down the marine growth.

Restrictions & Considerations

  • Hazardous Environment
  • Nature of the application required 24 hour working
  • Waste containment and transfer
  • Critical Path Project governed by the shutdown on board
  • Project Management, resourcing, planning and scheduling
  • Conflicting activities
  • Use of cranes to remove spent chemical tanks restricted to dayshift
  • Restricted lay down areas for equipment
  • Large area to be temporarily bunded around the intercooler and in the chemical lay down area

Key Achievements

  • Project completed without safety or environmental incident
  • Project completed on time and within budget
  • Critical path elements completed within designated timescale
  • Involved 7 Sureclean personnel, dayshift and nightshift working
  • Approx. 900 kg of marine growth and debris was removed from the intercooler
  • Flow through the intercooler greatly improved and no vibration following the cleaning operation was observed
  • Commendations received from the client

    Additional Information

    In-depth project planning involving all parties and the ability to work seamlessly as one was a major contributory factor to the success of the project. Feedback from the platform was that Sureclean had provided a professional team to carry out the project in a cost effective and timely manner allowing the client to commence the platform start up as planned.