Case Study: Rowan Gorilla V Drilling Rig CCTV Inspection

Location: Dundee Quayside

Through the use of CCTV camera equipment we inspected the internal  Fire Ducts throughout the rig to build a maintenance report.

Sureclean Scope

Provide manpower and equipment for the camera inspection of the ducts within the offices and hallways of the rig to determine the state of the fire dampers and confirm they were all in working order.

Technical Challenge

In this project we had restricted access to all vents due to being located within the accommodation block. It was necessary to arrange access works out with the working hours of the rig to reduce the impact on other personnel and restricting access to walkways.

Restrictions / Considerations

Working times as the work scope was performed within busy working areas
House keeping as working in the accommodation block

Key Facts

  • Project was completed through the use of 2 x Sureclean trained personnel
  • No safety or environmental incidents occurred during this project
  • Successful report issued at the end of the workscope
  • Additional Information

With the successful completion of this project Sureclean strengthen their relationship with Rowan Drilling UK and have continued to work alongside Rowan, completing many other successful projects.