Case Study: Asbestos Encapsulation and Removal

Location: Britannia Drilling Rig

Client: Global Santa Fe

Supply of Asbestos Personnel to encapsulate and remove asbestos lagging from 5 engine exhausts and compressor pipe work whilst Rig was berthed for remedial works in Keppel Verolme Yards Rotterdam.


A maximum time of 2 weeks was allowed.  The project was identified as "critical path works" because the engine room had to be fully functional to allow departure from dry dock.


  • 24hr working, time frame allowed for no leeway i.e. get it right first time with no room for errors.
  • Accessibility and heat, the engines were fully operational throughout works.
  • Encapsulation material required to be resistant to high exhaust temperature.

Key Achievements

Due to critical path nature of the works a site visit was completed whilst the Rig was on location offshore. A comprehensive work pack was engineered, detailing method statements, risk assessments, required resources and project plan to complete the works safely within time frame.

  • Project completed successfully without safety or environmental incident.
  • Completed on schedule and within budget.
  • Minimum disruption to other platform operations.
  • Decontamination of affected area within short timescale, assistance given with regards task risk assessments and amendments to method statements to allow recommencement of the initial scope of work.


Project completed in a controlled and professional manner without safety or environmental incident.

Project completed successfully within timeline and budget.

All Plant & Equipment supplied for the project owned by Sureclean.

Flexibility and adaptability of Sureclean Personnel through-out the project.

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