Case Study: Asbestos Survey and Removal

Location:  The Garve Radio Station

Situated on a remote mountain location in the Wester-Ross area in the North of Scotland the Radio Station had to remain “live” during the operations due to ongoing information provided to the Ambulance, Coastguard, Police, Fire and Railway Services.


Garve Radio Station Asbestos RemovalWorkmen (Electricians) had inadvertently disturbed Asbestos Insulation Board (AIB) during a routine work scope. A comprehensive Survey then identified the AIB required repair, encapsulation and/or removal dependant on status.
Despite the location Sureclean were tasked with ensuring the site was made “asbestos safe” for all future entry by staff or contractors, whilst working in accordance with the Control of Asbestos (CAR) 2002 and Special Waste Regulations (CWR) 1996.
As the facility could not be closed down Sureclean Personnel were required to work amidst live electrical equipment in several difficult to access, confined spaces.

Other constraints on the workscope were the suitability of the transport to cope with the terrain, the lack of adequate water supply, the weather implications and the consideration required to potential contamination to the site personnel due to possible Asbestos Fibre Release. Download Asbestos Removal Article here.

Garve Radio Station Asbestos RemovalDespite the “chain” of concerns the task was carried out with minimal disruption to the Stations broadcasts, on time, without incident and within budget.

This was achieved by studious planning, which included a full and precise Method Statement, Risk Assessment, and “Tool-Box-Talk”, along with Surecleans stringent Training Programmes for their Operatives and those Operatives ability to “multi-task” and adapt to the surroundings.

Garve Radio Station can now allow access to their employees and any visitors or contractors without concerns about the potential risks of contamination from Asbestos Containing Materials.

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